Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mother's Day

I have a great mom and others who have nurtured me, and I enjoy being the mom of 6 great children. As it happened this year, both Kara in Colorado and Erika in China were asked to speak in church about motherhood. It was interesting to talk to them as they prepared, and also to hear later what they said.

Some of the highlights of my day were: (in no particular order)

1. talking to my mom on the phone and reminiscing

2. a visit that week with my mother-in-law--who raised the best son ever

3. a package (of spring bulbs) and a card sent from Kara--how thoughtful!

4. a home 'spa' coupon from Julia for massage, manicure and light snacks!

5. a nice card from Daniel

6. an e-card from China from Erika (and a long phone call with her the next day making sure she wasn't affected by the earthquake in China)

7. a 45-minute call with our missionary son, James (whose next call will be at Christmas)

8. Andrea made it a party by making everyone invitations for a party in our basement. She set out chairs, got the video camera ready and tied a rope to the middle of her blanket and threw the rope over a beam. After a countdown she pulled on the rope and revealed her present. It was some of my favorite licorice candy--Good and Plenty and SNAPS--which I hadn't had since I was little. She also made a gift in school- a pot with a couple coupons stuck in-- 1 hug, 1 massage, and my favorite, 'I will put my plate in the dishwasher. Good 1 time!' (Got to love her!)

She also wrote me a song and had everyone sing it:
If you want to be like Mom
Well, you gotta

Like to swim in the pool
and look so cool

Like to eat
while being neat

Like writing and reading
and overachieving!

That's why we love you!

9. some pretty potted plants from my wonderful hubby, David, with a very sweet letter/card. He also brought me breakfast in bed by himself this year, and made dinner with the kids. They ended up grilling inside due to the weather.

10. remembering that Dave and I met on Mother's Day 25 years ago. It was definitely a red-letter day for me that year, and he has made it a special day for me every since by being such a good dad that he has made me look like a decent Mom.

Happy Mother's Day, everyone!


Jenni said...

Andrea is so cute - I love that she had a total set-up for her gift!! So glad you had a nice mothers day Cheri! You are an amazing mom and woman!!:)

Cami said...

It sounds like you had a great mother's day!