Monday, January 23, 2012

Natural History Museum

Kara flew out on Martin Luther King weekend with her sons Blake, 7 months, and Jacob, almost 3.

 For Dave , Erika and Andrea it was the first time they had seen Blake who was born in June 2011. Julia had been to Colorado over Thanksgiving with James and Tammy.
Dave drove us down to the District (Washington, DC) on Monday. There were a lot of people at the Martin Luther King Memorial. We saw the Jefferson Memorial, and then went to the Natural Histrory Smithsoniam Museum (which houses the Hope Diamond among other treasures.)

Here's the group in fromt of the Smithsonian.

We had to get a family picture here by this statue. The plaque proclaims that all humankind is descended from this particular type of rat. As Kara said of it, "Whatever."