Friday, May 15, 2009

Trip to Philly

Over Spring break in April we took a trip to Philadelphia to see Dave's sister Kathy (who lives about an hour north) and to see the historic sights.

The first thing that happened as we arrivd into the historic district was to look for parking. Not seeing any, Dave decided to drop us off right by the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall. I told the kids to get ready to get out so we wouldn't hold up traffic. Dave stopped. The four of us (Danny, Julia, Andrea and I) were out in a flash. Suddenly 4 or 5 policement descended on us and yelled, "Back in the vehicle! Get back in the vehicle!" Flustered, we got back in and went together to park. We hadn't realized what a threat we were to national security by unloading there. That was our welcome to the city of Brotherly Love.

We saw the historic buildings where the Constitution and Declaration of Independence were signed--at the one time nation's capital during the Revolutionary War. We saw Betsy Ross's house and the 'longest inhabited street in the US'. Most important to the kids was the Art Musuem--not for any actual art, but because 'Rocky' in the film by that name ran up and down those steps in his training. So, they've now put a Rocky statue outside the museum.

A picture of Julia and Andrea trying out an old 'dial' phone is at Aunt Kathy's--much more interesting than other historic relics we saw.

We had lovely weather to walk around in.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


This April 28 marked 25 years of being married to the greatest guy ever. This is a picture of us in April at the Washington DC temple--a reminder of the covenants (vows) we made in the Logan Temple 25 years ago.

Happy Anniversary to us!

That weekend we attended at stake dance at church called the Rose Ball. A local band played and we had fun with other friends.

Our annual anniversary getaway celebration will probably take place later his summer--due to a new grandchild, Erika's college graduation, a Marching Band excursion to Myrtle Beach and other things happening in the family this spring.