Saturday, May 29, 2010

One cake, Three Children

May 29th was a big day in our family.  For Andrea is was her 1/2 birthday, which we celebrate with a cake--so she was the first to blow out the cake with 12 candles--being 12 1/2 years old.

Next, Julia got mileage on the cake and blew out the 12 candles to represent 12 years of high school that she had graduated from that day.

Lastly, Daniel was set apart that night as a full-time missionary for the church for a period of 12 Months Times Two. (2 years)  This was Daniel's last evening with us for 2 years.  The next morning he flew out to Salt Lake City with Dave to begin his mission training in Provo Utah for 2 months, and then to his mission area in Nevada and Arizona--speaking Spanish.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Julia Graduates from High School

Julia graduated from High School in May.  We had Daniel, Andrea, David and myself  attending.  It was great to see our fifth child graduate--though also a little sad to realize she won't be home much longer.  Julia got to wear tassels for being a member of the National Art Honors Society.  She also has an academic scholarship to her first school choice--Brigham Young Univeristy-Idaho.  Congratulations, Julia!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Julia's Senior Prom

Julia looked beautiful as she headed off to the Senior Prom. She met a group for pictures,

then went with her date and other friends to a restaurant, and then to a ballroom at the Raven's Stadium for the Prom. After that, the After Prom went from 12:30-5:00 am. It is sponsored by the school Boosters at the local theater for movies, more food and games.

Julia's Induction to NAHS

Julia was inducted last night into the National Art Honors Society. She has done some great art pieces this year, which will be good preparation for her studies in the Fall in Interior Design. She was relieved to find out that she has been accepted into the Interior Design program, and also won a partial tuition scholarship from BYU-Idaho. Yay!

Julia stands next to her piece in the middle-" Daddy-daughter dance". She's wearing the tassels she received from her induction, and will wear those tassels during her graduation ceremony.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Music Awards Night

Julia had her last two high school music performances last week. She performed with the Symphonic Band, Orchestra, Chorus and Women's Chorus.

She had the distinction of winning two special awards, the PRESIDENT'S awards, given by the Boosters president for the student who had helped the Boosters the most. She also won the DEDICATION award for Band. Mr. Dubbs polled the students who overwhelmingly voted her the winner, also.

Here are a couple band memories with some of her friends:

Saturday, May 8, 2010


Daniel came home from BYU a couple weeks ago. He was able to perform again with his band, the Rocktagon. They performed at the Laurel Festival to a large crowd of fans. :)