Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Julia goes to College to get more Knowledge

After Julia and I flew into Salt Lake, we took our side trip to the Rockin R Ranch in Southern Utah.  There my mom joined Julia and I and after our weeked there, we drove  our rental car to Rexburg, Idaho to take Julia to BYU-Idaho as a Freshman. We helped her settle into her apartment, bought food and school supplies, bought Interior Design materials on campus and picked up the textbooks we had preordered online.

That night we all went to dinner--including James and his girlfirend Tammy, who I met for the first time. 

I should explain here that when Julia and I flew to Salt Lake the Friday of Labor Day week, Dave dropped us off at the airport in Baltimore.  Then he, James and Andrea started their own trek west--by car.  Our intention was to leave that car with James and Julia so they could get around in Idaho.  They made a stop in St. Louis at Dave's sister Patty's, and then they stopped in Denver with Kara.  When they arrived in Salt Lake, Dave and Andrea got right on a plane--and then traveled in 4 hours they distance they had just traveled in three days.  James then drove the car from there up to Rexburg.

My mom and I spent one night at a motel in town, and one night at her brother Monte's.  He lives nearby with his wife, Violet. She made us a raspberry dessert when she found out we were coming!

My mom and I also visited the new Rexburg temple.

Then we were on to the next leg of the trip--visiting newlyweds Erika and Tyler in Pocatello-about 1 1/2 hours from Rexburg --normally.  This time however, I forgot about getting gas, and the rental car warned me just as our car sucked the last drop of gas and started losing power.  I pulled to the side of the road on a lonely strip--miles from anything in both directions.  Fortunately, I was able to call my insurance company who sent someone with a tank of gas--2 hours later.  Just a little glitch and we were on our way again.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Rockin R Ranch Reunion

Over Labor Day weekend I flew with Julia out to Salt Lake to take her out to the university at BYU-Idaho.  But first we drove our rental car down about 4 hours to Rockin R Ranch in Antimony, Utah.  Almost 40 years ago, my Uncle Bob was one of the owners of the Ranch and I came to work there several summers.  This was the first Reunion of the old gang who were either workers or kids who came to the dude ranch from California to horseback ride, water ski, and have a great, relaxing summer.  My mom came from California and met us there.

Here are a couple old friends I caught up with at dinner. It was so fun to talk to them and see where life has taken them, and also how our friendships and experiences at the ranch had shaped them.
A group leaves for a ride.  This is the corral where I occasionally took kids out on rides--though most of the time I worked in the kitchen and laundry.
Some of us went on a little hayride--which broke down and we walked back.  :)
Otter Creek--where we used to go water skiing each morning, and often had the lake to ourselves.  I learned to ski here, and sometimes drove the boat for the campers.

My friend Camille.  We were friends at age 14, and were the breakfast crew. People often confused us for one another.  Even at the reunion people thought we looked so alike, which we both found amusing.
My cousin Paula competed in the barrel races while most of us sat on the sidelines and cheered.  She did a great job!  (Sometimes the horses knocked down barrels, or just walked--or even stopped to drink water from the barrels. :)  )

At the indoor campfire Saturday night Julia and I listened to Burns, whose family now runs the ranch.  He sang and yodeled for us like the old days--the definite favorite being "I'm a long, tall Texan."  I also played the guitar and sang a request.
Uncle Bob also spoke that night--reminding us of his great oratory when he told ghost stories and other tall tales at our campfires.

Here's a group shot of everyone--similar to one many of us treasure taken in 1972.  Both Paula and I kept the original photo in our laundry rooms for many years--as a reminder of  all the camp laundry we did with her mother on a washboard type washer.
Church on Sunday was such a good meeting.  This is just some of the people I knew there.  Two men pictured here converted to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter- Day Saints (Mormon) from their exposure to the church at the ranch.  I loved seeing old friends who still held on to the same values and principles that I do.