Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Awards Night

Tonight--from 6:00-10:00pm! was Awards Night for the High School's music program.
Daniel was honored to receive the Choral director's award for Dedication. As the student director of the Madrigal's, he needs to know the music extra well to direct beginnings and cutoffs, and to give the first pitch for each song. (Wow, how does he do that?) Dan got his third year participation award for Concert Choir, Madrigals, Mens Chorus, Jazz Band, Marching Band and Symphonic Band.

Julia received a Letter this year for her 2nd year of participation in Concert Choir, Womens Chorus, Marching Band and Symphonic Band. Julia also went to the podium to give an award that she made for another student.

Let me also mention here that at their recent competition at Virginia Beach, VA, their school won FIRST PLACE for every group! Every chorus, band and orchestra.
And, an award was also surprisingly given to a dedicated parent who co-chaired the sub sales this year (1600 subs were sold, and assembled by the students as a fund-raiser.)

And Andrea and I were a good audience. Well, Andrea got tired and went home early...

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Tracy said...

Wow. I didn't know how musically talented your family is. You all need to do a song during sacrament meeting.