Tuesday, April 21, 2015

WELCOME, Alek Diego Meiners!

James' wife, Tammy, had a safe home delivery on Friday, April 18, 2015.   Alek was born at 7# 12 oz, and looks cute as can be. Here is is on the day he was blessed at church--and fits in Dad's hand!

This patriotic boy is also wearing Maryland crabs!
 He joins 13-month old sister, Audrey Louise, into their family. Welcome to our fourth grandchild!

Mormon Prom

Andrea and her friend got ready here for Mormon Prom-- a church sponsored dance.

Ten of them had a fancy dinner together at a friend's house beforehand.
Andrea was on the youth committee that had put up decorations the night before.  Don't they look great?

Monday, April 6, 2015

31st Anniversary

Dave and I took an early anniversary trip to California-well, California, Maryland.  There is a lot of interesting history around that southern part of Maryland.

Our first stop was Dr. Mudd's House.  He was the kind doctor who assisted Abraham Lincoln's assassin, John Wilkes Booth.
Booth broke his leg in his escape on horseback from Washington after shooting Lincoln in the Ford Theater. Dr. Mudd didn't even know Lincoln had been shot until the next day but was still sentenced to life in prison.  He was released 4 years later for helping in a yellow fever epidemic.

St. Mary City was the first capital of Maryland.  I thought the history of it was very interesting.  It was mapped by Captain John Smith in 1608 and settled in 1638 by 140 people who came from England in two sailing vessels, the Ark and Dove. 
                                                    The recreated Dove.

It's surrounded by water, and is a nice peaceful little area.  
The capital was moved soon after to Annapolis, so now St. Mary's is just a historical landmark.
Their State House
Public shaming in the stocks for misdeeds...:)

Inside a recreated Native American dwelling.
Absolutely no air-conditioning in those days, anywhere!  But, very beautiful.  :)