Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas in Fallbrook

We were lucky to find a fouse in Fallbrook that we could rent.  We were all here (except Daniel, who is on a mission) for James' and Tammy's wedding, Christmas Eve, Christmas, and James' birthday.  Here we are on Christmas morning.  My mom and Craig were here for the morning.  Santa came and filled people's stockings.  Other than that we had a draw and each person picked someone to get a present for.  It was simple in terms of the amount of gifts exchanged, but was very relaxed and fun to be together.  We were also happy to get to talk to Daniel (Elder Meiners).  The last time we had heard his voice was Mother's Day.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve in California

The day after James' wedding was Christmas Eve.  We stayed at a great house in Fallbrook

with tennis courts, a pool table and table tennis.

It was so pretty even in December.

So, most of the kids went to the beach.
I shopped with Dave for groceries and other last minute Christmas things, and cooked.

That night we had James and Tammy with us--who were honeymooning close by at the beach. My mom and Craig were there as well as our other children (except Daniel who is on his mission).We had a nice Danish dinner and the very tradional rice pudding. In Denmark, the winner gets a marzipan pig. My mom had pig ears for the winner to wear--which happened to be her--and we all shared some chocolate with almonds.
Then we read the Christmas story together and then everyone in part shared a part they liked, and then we watched "It's A Wonderful Life"--another seasonal tradition.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

James and Tammy are married

This is our son James and new daughter-in-law Tammy just after they walked out of the San Diego California Temple (Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints) where they were married for time and eternity.  After several days of rain and flooding, the clouds opened up for a few hours and the sun shone down on them as they got a few pictures.

Wednesday, December 22, the night before the wedding, my mom helped us hot a dinner for them for our families.  We rented a clubhouse.  My mom made enchiladas, and we had a Mexican wedding menu.  Afterwards Tammy and James were on the hotseat (near the fire :) ) as they told the story of how they met and dated.  It was a great evening. 

Midway through Erika, Tyler and Julia arrived.  We were so happy to see them because they had car trouble in Utah, were stranded almost 2 days in a big storm, and eventually were able to get a rental car and drive to California (starting out in Idaho) just in time for the festivities.

James and Tammy both looked so beautiful and happy at the temple.  After pictures they went with the photographer for more pictures at the beach.
That evening was a reception for them in Vista, California.  Here they danced the first dance.  Tammy is from Fallbrook--ironically where my mother and her husband Craig live, as well some cousins and an aunt and uncle--so it was nice to also have some of our family there.  In addition my brother Vic and aunt Margie  came down from Northern California.
They were sent off with a bang!  They stayed at the beach for their honeymoon for a few nights--close enough that we could still celebrate the holidays with them.