Saturday, September 22, 2007

Fall Mugshots

After church a few weeks ago we decided to get a family picture since James and Erika were heading back out to school at BYUI. We got the tripod out on the deck and Julia showed us how to set our 10-second timer so we could all be in it. Teenagers are good for things like that. :)

Andrea is a 5th grader. She's playing flute in band and taking gymnastics.

Daniel is a junior this year. He's doing cross country right now as well as Marching Band and Madrigals. He turned 17 on Sept 6. Sorry I didn't get a separate post on it, Dan.

Erika is a Senior at BYU Idaho, majoring in Psychology. She's taking some fun classes like guitar, bowling, social dance and Chinese. (She plans to teach English in China next semester.) She's on the girl's intermural cross country team.

David is working in Scouting, speaks each month to
different wards in our stake as a High Councilor and is working on a new chapel which is being built. He also volunteers on Marching Band's Pit Crew.

Julia is a Sophomore. She's playing the clarinet in Marching Band and has started up private clarinet lessons again.

James is a Sophomore at BYU-Idaho studying Business. He's on the frisbee and cross-country intermural teams and is the self-appointed Chess Master of his apartment--after winning his roommate while playing blindfolded. He is preparing his papers to go on a mission next semester.

P.S. Kara and Luke had already driven back to Idaho where they are both completing their last semester. Luke is finishing his course work and working part time on campus. Kara is Student Teaching 2nd grade in the nearby town of Rigby.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


I like to have pictures on my posts, because it seems boring without them, but since I have been having computer problems and am still in the process of reloading programs, inputting my address book and such, I haven't had the time for awhile to blog. Some friends' blogs have lists, so I'll try that--but I think I'll spread them out to keep you coming back :)

Jobs I've held:
Factory work: sorting cherries- Idaho
Sorting french fries- Oregon
Overseer at an orchard- Idaho
Ladder construction- Idaho
Dish washer, laundress at a dude ranch- Utah
Camp counselor at a dude ranch- Utah
Waitress -Alabama
Supervised a play center -Sweden
Sales at a radio station -Utah

Babysitter - New York
Dishwasher and food server at BYU
Entertainer (guitar/singing) at an Italian restaurant
Teacher of piano, guitar, folk dance, Italian lessons to children
Reading tutor at a junior high school
Junior Great Book teacher
Title 1 aide
Montessori aide
Student Teacher on Ute reservation
Substitute Teacher
Interior Decorating Consultant

Missionary in Italy
First grade teacher- Idaho (Preston, home of Napolean Dynamite)
Supervisor/Professor of Student Teachers- Utah State University
Teacher at a Day Care Center- Maryland
Ran a Lovaas (Applied Behavioral Analysis) program
Author of children's books

(Does 'Mother of 6 children' go here? )

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Be Honest and Tell the Truth

Book 14 of the 'Learning to Get Along' series has just been published. This is the last book of the series. It can be found at the publisher's site,
or at, among others.

It feels a little strange to be done after almost seven years. After I finished writing and editing the book a few months ago it was sent overseas for publishing. I was then asked to work on one last project--a software program for schools that contains all the books. I wrote comprehension questions and simplified vocabulary definitions for each book.

Over these years I have been pleased to hear from people who are using and enjoying the books. I hope the series will have a positive influence on many children to come.

Labor Day at Blue Knob

Friday we headed up to Blue Knob, Pennsylvania for our almost annual Labor Day tradition. This year James invited his friend Reggie. This picture is of Erika and Reggie.

However, when we arrived on Friday night at 10:30pm, it wasn't such a scenic view. Every year (except last year) for the past 13 years we have come on Labor Day with several other families we know to stay in the rustic cabins. This year we were assigned to the "craft cabin" which isn't generally slept in. It was full of cobwebs, a broken window, dust and a resident mouse. When we walked in--we did have electricity, we turned on the light to see our mouse running around along the rafters. When he saw us he stopped and peeked his head way out and then started scurrying around on the wall. All three girls (Erika, Julia, Andrea) and I started screaming. The girls decided to leave right away, and slept in the van for 3 nights. I was very brave and stayed--and we didn't see him again. By the end of our stay, I actually enjoyed our cabin, though--with it's convenient location to the mess hall and the bathrooms!

Saturday Dave and I hiked up to the nearby ski lodge. It was a beautiful sunny day. We sat on a ski lift chair and admired the view for awhile before walking down. Some of our kids were swimming at the pool when we arrived, which looked inviting after our hike, but the water is actually FREEZING.

Saturday night at the mess hall, where we have our communal dinners, we enjoyed "karaoke night". Here is Daniel, Reggie, James and Ben.

Here the girls performed 'Traveling Soldier."

Andrea with her friends on top of the large dinner bell

and with flourescent cheeks to be seen in the dark.

Another highlight was that the congregation (or branch) in nearby Bedford were anxiously expecting all of us to arrive for church as we have for several years. They provided extra Sunday School teachers since we bring a lot of children. They also provided a large lunch after church for all of us visitors. What wonderful hospitality. We hope to be back to see them next year.