Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Mormon Night at the Orioles

 We had Mormon night a couple weeks ago.  Erika, Tyler, Julia, Andrea and I drove up to Baltimore. 
  Why wasn't Dave there? He planned to go standby courtesy of a friend to participate in our grandbaby Blake being blessed in church in Denver. I dropped him off at the airport before the game. As we neared the stadium I gave someone his unused ticket. Then during the national anthem we got a call from Dave saying he had missed the last flight for the day. So, he had to wait at the airport during the game, and we picked him up on our way home. Seven hours at the airport and no flight. And he is the one that likes baseball!  I was sorry he couldn't be there.
Tyler got his Orioles hat signed by the Bird.
Still, it was a family tradition, and a very nice night--despite the fact that the Orioles lost. 
And here is Kara's family with little Blake at church after he was blessed.