Thursday, July 31, 2008


After our week in New Mexico at Philmont, we drove 6 hours to Denver to see Kara and Luke.

Kara and Andrea at the playground new her apartment.

Kara, Andrea and Julia

Luke met us at the playground and Dan remembered that it was July 11 (7-11) and that 7-11 was giving away slurpees that day. We drove to 2 7-11s to be part of that historic moment.


On Saturday we drove into the mountains--stopping first at Buffalo Bill's Grave. There was a great overlook of the city, a museum and shop as well as the grave site.

Our Annie as Annie Oakley.

girls in a tepee at Buffalo Bill's

William Cody (Bill's) grave

Andrea imagines she's in the Wild West show

view of Denver

Dave and I overlooking the valley

PICNIC LUNCH at a mountain town by a stream


The vein of gold and other minerals runs through the wall.


We all guessed how long this old-timer had been working at this mine and demonstrating how to pan for gold. We guessed from about 50-70 years. The correct answer: one week.

Ealier Saturday morning Dave and I went with Kara and Luke to their church to help their ward with their goal to make 100 quilts to donate. Sunday we went to church with them. That evening Dave's cousin Mary came to visit us.

Monday we had a relaxing day of paddleboating and then swimming at a pool with lots of slides.


Julia was lucky and got to go on the boat with both parents. :)

(Actually, she stayed with Kara an extra week, so Dan and Andrea wanted a chance to go with Kara.)

Kara chats while Dan and Andrea paddle.

A little wet after our paddle boat wars.

visiting with Kara and Luke at their apartment

We had a great time in Colorado, but had to set out Monday night. (Julia stayed with Kara and Luke.) We drove through the night and on Tuesday arrived in Indianapolis at Nancy's where we had dinner and spent a great night. Andrea stayed with Nancy and then Grandma while we drove home one more day with just Daniel. It was a very memorable vacation.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Thursday. Last day at Philmont

Thursday morning after breakfast I met the group of 18 other women who were going horse back riding. I had won the lottery. Fortunately, both my friends Janice and Deb did, too. Deb was on my ride. We took a short bus ride to the stables, and then a two-hour nose-to-tail ride through the sagebrush. I hadn't ridden for a long time and it took me back to the days of being a counselor at my uncle's dude ranch in Southern Utah where I took groups out on rides in similar country.
Deb and I donned our helmets.
My horse, Moon.
I had to put my reins around the horn while I took these daring shots on horseback :)

When we got back we picked up a box lunch and went outside on benches under a large tree for another women's session taught by the Dahlquists and Sr. Matsumori of the General Primary Presidency.

Then we got our group picture

and practiced our Silverado's song for the 'campfire' program that night.

Then we had a closing session with the men--which was like a graduation ceremony for them from finishing their training. Each man also got a hand carved wooden face neckerchief slide. Dave was in the men's choir that sang for that, and it sounded great.

We all went back to put finishing touches on our crafts and Dave, Andrea and I met the Maughan's for a tour of the Villa Philmonte. (Meaning mountain home of the Phillips.) It was the 1920s summer home of Waite Phillips who owned an oil company (and whose brothers started Phillips 66). He donated the home and the vast acreage to the Boy Scouts.

That night after dinner

we went to meet Daniel and the group of young people coming home from their 5-day trek.

They hiked with packs "not too far", Daniel said--about 30 miles.
Daniel with President Dahlquist, who commented on his great tenor voice

That night was a closing ceremony with skits and special numbers from each group.

Friday morning we got up and packed and said goodbye to Philmont.
Andrea said goodbye to a new friend.

How did Julia and Jocelyn manage to buy the exact same T-shirt?

We loved it!

Wednesday at Philmont

Wednesday morning Dave and I went to Choir practice at 6:30 am and then sang with the choir for the morning flag ceremony and devotional. They also honored all those who had served in the miliary or had children serving currently. There were about 50! It was quite impressive. It was also the day the cubscouts raised the flags, which was fun to see.

In the afternoon was a women's meeting by Bro. Dahlquist and his wife. He is the General YM leader, and I was very impressed with the concern he had for each person, and for strenthening families and young men. He talked about how women can touch their families. His wife spoke on taking time to renew ourselves--to wonder, and ponder.

That night was a children's parade. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera for all the darling costumes that children made there out of simple materials.

Then we got on our Western garb

and Western night began we had a picnic out on the lawn with food like Buffalo burgers, chicken, corn on the cob and watermelon.

Every family was given a frisbe, and the young people played on the lawn.

There was live banjo and guitar music, and at a table you could have your personal items branded with the Philmont brand.

Dave and I had our hats branded, and his new belt.

Then the Western dance started. We learned a couple fun line dances.

After the dance we went with the Maughan's to the Trading Post and ended the evening talking and laughing with them over ice cream cones.