Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oriole's game

We went to Mormon Night at the Oriole's baseball game in Baltimore. In our church Monday nights are reserved for family time, so it was a great family activity as well as a chance to enjoy a ball game and see friends.
Dan shows his hat and glove signed by the Oriole's Mormon pitcher, Jeremy Guthrie.

Here we are after the game with a friend of Julia's (right) who is now living in Hong Kong.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Andrea made her Dad breakfast in bed. Then at church the young women presented him (and the the other men) with this tie and a treat.
Andrea had him wear this matching hat for the family party where he opened fun gifts and cards from Dan, Julia and Andrea in his workroom that Andrea had decorated. He also got a letter from James the day before, and was able to talk to Erika (in China) and Kara (in Colorado.)
It was nice weather for eating dinner on the deck.
Our six children are lucky to have such a great dad.
And so am I.
Happy Father's Day to all.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

5th Grade Celebration

Wednesday was Andrea's celebration ceremony for finishing elementary school.

She had a speaking part on the program.

They sang.

Andrea was awarded various awards including 'Overall Achievement'.

With Dad

With her friend

With Mom. After having children in this school continuously for 15 years, we now say goodbye. (Although the middle school is in the same building.)

Cooling off on a Hot Day

After working in the yard on a very hot Saturday, Dave cooled off with Andrea--and Julia's help.

Mock Congressional Hearing

Andrea's fifth grade class held a mock congressional hearing last week. They had distinguished guests and letters from state delegates.

Andrea and her classmates had studied constitutional issues and became 'experts'. For part of the day adult 'judges' came and asked the 'expert panel' questions. They did a great job.