Monday, April 25, 2016

Daniel graduates from BYU

   Dave and I flew out to Salt Lake City for Daniel's graduation from BYU in Statistics.

We visited with Dan, Meg and Claire at their apartment.  Julia and Matt also live in Provo.

This was the Commencement ceremony on April 21 with all the graduates
in the Marriott Center on campus

 I was glad my Mom was also able to come up from Southern Utah to be with us.

                                                         Yay, Daniel!
                               Graduating from this great university is a 'bridge to their future'.

                                      Dan's official pic in front of the Brigham Young statue.

The next day, April 22, was Convocations in the respective colleges.
Dan receiving his diploma.

       Father and son BYU graduates.


   Mother and son BYU graduates.  
   I was very honored to be the recipient of Dan's white 'Stole of Gratitude'

                        Dan and Meg- BYU students together.  Meg graduates in August.

After graduation, Dan gave us a tour of campus and where he studied.  

Lunch in town.  Claire's first time in a booster seat.

We bowled on campus, watched a BYU Baseball game that evening
and enjoyed the feelings of relief,  joy and pride in Dan's important accomplishment, and of being together with our family.

The proud parents

Monday, April 18, 2016

Boston with Andrea and Kara's family

Andrea is home from college, so we decided to take a long awaited trip to Boston.  It was the first time for Dave and I, as well.  We drove up to Kara and Luke's house first to see them and their new house in Saratoga Springs.  Then we met up again in Boston for the weekend before the Boston Marathon.  

It was a very beautiful spring day, and the Bostonians were very friendly and helpful! I was particularly interested in the Revolutionary War period, and seing Paul Revere's house that was built in 1680.  It made a great family outing!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Christmas 2015

We were fortunate to have so many of our children home for Christmas this year, and to see all of them within a month.  We were able to see Erika and James, and their families, in Seattle at Thanksgiving, and Kara, Daniel, Julia, Andrea, and their families for Christmas.

Double piggy back ride for Jacob and Blake from Grandpa David.

              Andrea was home from her first semester at BYU-Idaho.

Christmas Eve. Kara found the almond!

 It was fun to have young children here to enjoy Christmas morning with.

The Deckers were all actors in our Christmas play.

 Kara and Luke drove down from Saratoga Springs, NY with Jacob, 6, Blake, 4, and Ava, 7 months.

                      Julia and Matt flew in from Provo, and were able to spend time with his family, as well.

  Daniel and Meg flew here from Provo with Claire, who was just two months old.

                                                                   Our family hike behind the  Savage Mill.

    Merry Christmas, everyone!