Sunday, May 6, 2018

Andrea's Mission

Andrea is loving her 18-month mission in Canada.  This picture exemplifies her exuberant spirit and love of teaching people about God.  She has been a light to people around her, and to us!

Monday, April 30, 2018

Rose Ball 2018

 We often attend the annual Rose Ball, a free gala put on by our stake.  They really decked out our church's gymnasium with the 'Under the Sea' theme. My dance partner got lots of compliments on his cool dance moves.  Lucky for him he had just attended a meeting for teenage boys who were taught hiphop by a young man in their group. So, he's had way more practice than I have!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Bus trip to Philly

 Dave and I took a bus with several members of our church to visit the new temple in Philadelphia.  It's about 2 1/2 hours from us.  It was very beautiful inside, and nice weather for our excursion

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

St. George in the Spring

In late April I flew into Las Vegas and took a 2-hour shuttle to St. George to see my mom and her husband, Craig.

                                            We took one day to enjoy the St. George temple.
 My brother Vic helped my Mom make this awesome glass mosaic that hangs in their living room.   The story is from the Book of Mormon, an ancient American history written on gold plates.

                             Easter morning.  My Mom looks fabulous sporting the necklace I made for her!
 Not only did we eat avocados every single day, my Mom had an avocado mask for me to try!

 My cousin Nikki (Monte and Violet's daughter) had a booth at the cool art fair held in town.  She does interesting stained glass pieces with antique and vintage bottles, plates,  and bowls. She came down from Logan to show at this event.
                  She had some beautiful works on display, and it was fun to catch up with her.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Pipe Springs, Arizona

On my visit to St. George to visit my Mom and Craig, my brother Vic coincided his vacation and we saw some sites together.  One interesting day trip was to Pipe Spring, Arizona.
 The tiny town was  along the "honeymoon trail" where travelers occasionally stopped in pioneer  days on their journey between Mexico and St. George, Utah.

A fort was built by the Mormon settlers with the help of Paiute Native Americans.  A national monument includes a museum and tour of the fort and grounds where you can learn about the two cultures that lived here a hundred years ago

Where were the springs?  The fort was strategically built over them! At the time water came out at 55 gallons a minute, and was very important to desert life here.

Monday, March 12, 2018

Zions National Park

My brother Vic met me on my trip to St. George, Utah, where my Mom and Craig live. Vic does a lot of hiking.  He helped us select the most appropriate hikes in Zions.  You park at the entrance and then shuttle to different stops where trails begin.

 Here people were enjoying the "beach"--a sandy area near the stream.  This is where we ended, and serious hikers begin--walking in the stream as the canyon walls become narrow.

                       Mom was trying to get a drink.  Water was coming from the rocks all over!

Spectacular views everywhere!

 Due to rain the day before, there were some amazing waterfalls that are not usually there! The rainwater seeps into the porous sandstone.  Then when it reaches a layer of denser rock, the water is is forced out

 We were able to walk under this waterfall, and catch it from several sides.

These canyon walls are huge.  It's difficult to capture their true size, but you can see a person on a trail on the left of the water to provide size reference.

                                    We hiked about 5 miles of trails.  I was proud of us!

                                             I'm in at least one picture to prove I was there!  (I was enjoying my handmade Ute earrings that day.)  It was a gorgeous day to enjoy the beautiful red rock country with family.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

90th Birthday

 Dave's mother turned 90.  We flew to Cincinnati to celebrate with his siblings and some of their families.

 We had a fun dinner at an Italian restaurant for 26 family members.  It was great to get together, and enjoy this milestone with her.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Liam John Decker

 I flew up to Albany, NY on Saturday evening, January 6.  Luke picked me up and brought Jacob and Blake.  We went to church Sunday, and on Monday morning, Kara had scheduled to go to the hospital with Luke.  Liam was born that afternoon about 2:00 PM. 

Just born!  Welcome, Liam!
                                                   sporting the little hat I crocheted for him

                                                                       happy to have a new brother! 

Kara did great!

 Luke's dad is named John  and that is where  Liam gets his middle name.  John joked, "The L is silent in Liam, so his name is "I am John Decker".  Haha. Good one.

                                                             the Deckers at the hospital, Jan 8

J                                                                                  just the boys...

                                                     Awwww, so sweet.  Just home from the hospital. 

                                                    I know he's trying to say , "Hi, Grandma"

I stayed for two weeks helping the boys off to school, watching Ava during the day, assisting Luke with meals and dishes, folding laundry, and visiting with Kara. 

                                                       Jacob and I matched wits at chess 

                                                      Ava looking lovely in her princess dress

                                                                    Jacob holding his new brother

All 4 kids together: Ava, Blake, Jacob and Liam

 Several of us were sick so Liam stayed up in Kara's room as much as possible for awhile to make sure he didn't catch something.  He seems to be healthy and doing well! I hope to be back soon!