Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Blue Knob, PA

Our family went to Blue Knob over the Memorial Day weekend. It's an annual event, though typically we go with other families over Labor Day. The first night was VERY cold--(perhaps because I forgot to pack one of the sleeping bags), but it very beautiful and quiet there, and was very relaxing. We missed having Erika and James who came last year, and Kara who hasn't been in a few years. Julia gets to return in about one month for her week of church Girl's Camp.

Andrea with friends on top of the dinner bell

Julia plays a game with friends in the mess hall

Daniel finished a 1000 piece puzzle with the help of a few other people.

We slept in simple cabins, but Daniel wanted to sleep one night under the stars.


Jann said...

What a fun weekend. It is beautiful up there.

Deb said...

gorgeous! it looks as lovely as ever. a nice way to spend memorial day weekend.

Tracy said...

What a fun time. My class was empty without all those great kids to keep me company!

Kent and Leisy said...

I love how green this side of the country is!!!