Monday, September 24, 2012

'New' Chairs. Yay!

Well, here's our dinner group without the group.  In preparation for this, and also having our whole family together over the summer, I wanted to get some chairs.  Dave and I bought the four without the 'x' at a second hand store.  We worked together on them-- cleaning and touching up the stain, and adding a new fabric cushion seat. I'm enjoying the way they go with the other four chairs--so we can bring them in when we have more of us together.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

The Temple

Andrea took a nice sunset pic of the lit temple.
Andrea and Daniel came with us to the Visitor's Center of the Mormon Washington DC temple in August to see a free concert. Alex Boye, a favorite of mine, sang with the Mormon Choir of Washington --of which I am a former member.  The most exciting choir performance for me was Ronald Reagan's inaugaration on Capitol Hill, Washington, DC--despite the freezing weather that day--January 17, 1985.


Friday, September 7, 2012

Deep Creek/Reunion 2012

It was the first time in over four years to have all of our children together with us.  All 13 of us-- were together for the first time in over four years for our family vacation.  We headed off in a van and a car to a house we rented in Deep Creek, Maryland--a 3- hour drive.  The house had a scenic view and lots of room.

The day we rented jet skiis on the lake it was stormy and started to lightning and thunder, so we returned the next day to finish out time.  It was much smoother and more enjoyable--although Daniel preferred it bumpy :)

 Swallow Falls is a beautiful waterfall nearby...
(Hi there Blake!)

Kara with hubby Luke, Jacob and Blake

Everyone but the two little boys and I went white water rafting one day.  It sounds like it was quite an adventure.  Sorry, I wasn't there for a pic. :)

One night we went to the county fair.  Everyone got to go on rides together.
Jacob enjoyed seeing the animals.

Right now we are spread out in Maryland, Colorado, Utah and Idaho (maybe adding Arizona soon. ) I hope we will all have a chance to get together again soon.