Thursday, August 27, 2015

Kara visits and Dave's birthday

Kara with in Maryland in August with her children: Jacob, Blake and Ava.  They were on their way to their new home in New York.  They were here for Dave's birthday and came with Dave, Andrea and I to Urban Pirates in Baltimore, where we had a fun 'pirate ship' ride in the harbor.

     Mermaid Cheri and Pirate Dave hanging out at the dock

It was just right for the kids.  I bought them an earring and sword souvenirs before we started.

                                     They got costumes and watercolor tattoos.

                    Here are some of the gorgeous views we saw along the Chesapeake Bay.

                                                         They had singing and dancing.

   And the kids got to shoot water from the canons.

               And, there turned out to be a 'real pirate' they got to aim at.

                             They even sang to Dave at one point for his birthday.

It was a great summer day with the grandkids.

Another day we went to Wheaton Park where we rode the train.  

Not sure what Ava thought, but the boys liked it. :)  Thanks for coming to see us, kids!