Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dad's Visit to Maryland

My Dad flew out to viist us for a week. We had a nice visit.  Susan's son Chris took a bus down from Philadelphia to also visit with him and us on the weekend.

We went to the Air and Space Smithsonian Museum.  Here we are standing by the famous space capsule that landed on the moon in 1969.  Dad told us how he invented a vent for that flight.  Earlier, the spaceships would be way too hot upon reentry to the earth's surface and the astronauts were forced to eject no matter what, but this valve let outside air come safely in and cool the entire capsule in 3 seconds.  Later, Dad received a lifetime recognition award from NASA for some of his design contributions to space flights. Later that week Dad was able to come with us to Andrea's Pops Concert, and hear her play in the band and sing in the high school choir.