Friday, May 30, 2014

A Day at the Beach- Northern California Style

 While visiting California in May, I was able to see my brother Vic in Sebastopol, north of San Fransisco.
 He only lives about a half hour from the beach.  We took a  scenic drive to it which was breathtaking.  It was such beautiful country--a very peaceful and uninhabited stretch of California.
 We stopped for a scone at an amazing bakery aptly called the Wildflour.  They bake with the most wonderful, fresh ingredients.  We tried an apple, cheddar scone, which was great, but our second scone was heavenly--pear, rosemary, and Kalamata olives--so moist and memorable!
 We enjoyed strolling their garden and sitting for our snack.
 I loved all the wildflowers on our drive, also!
 Even the cows relax each day and enjoy the beautiful breezes and views of the ocean.

 Someone had built a little lean-to for cover.  We had a nice picnic lunch near this spot.
Unfortunately the seals weren't out in the cove that day, but it was a wonderful combinations of views and making a new memory with my brother.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Santa Rosa. A trip to see my brothers

Three of my brothers live in or near Santa Rosa, California.  My brother Robert went to the hospital On Easter.  As it was very serious I made a trip from May 13-28  to see him and my other brothers. My mom also came from Southern California.  I was glad that I was able to go out and be with my family.