Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Grandma, Grandpa and Aunt Julie

Dave's parents live in Cincinnati. They came for a visit with his sister Julie, who helped them drive out here. They had just visited Dave's sister, Kathy, in PA, and saw a couple shows in NYC. They arrived Tuesday night and we had a nice visit--breaking in our new deck furniture with them. It was the first night of Daniel and Julia's High School music concert. They are both in the Concert Choir--but with getting Andrea to gymnastics and having company, we decided to just see Daniel and Julia on Thursday night.

Wednesday I took our guests for a day trip to Annapolis. It was fortunate that Dave unexpectedly decided to meet us down there because right after he came his father started feeling unwell. A kind shop owner got him a chair and some water, but it then became apparent that he needed more help and we called 911. Dad was doing better even before the ambulance arrived, but we went to the hospital to have him checked. Dave helped convince the doctors not to keep him overnight and he was home by dinner--which was a big relief.

Thursday night we all attended Dan and Julia's concert. One or both of them was in every group--Jazz Band, Mens Ensemble [which sang 'Sherry baby' :)], Womens Ensemble, Madrigals (Dan is also the student director), and Symphonic Band. Everything was very professional looking and sounding, and entertaining.

Friday Dave took the day off and we went to the Inner Harbor with Dad, Mom and Julie. We toured a Mexican ship that was in port and walked around a little--having crab cakes at Phillips and then gelato at Vacarro's in Little Italy. [My nocciola (hazelnut) gelato with whip cream and almonds was huge and delicious!]
We watched the rented movie, Les Miserables, that night.

Saturday we relaxed and then the whole family went to Toby's dinner theater to see the musical Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

We had good seats and enjoyed the singing and dancing. The buffet was yummy, too. I happened to be sitting near one of the instructor's I see often at the gym. Dan's trombone section leader was doing the lights and their choral teacher, DK, was playing the piano for the orchestra. Dan also recognized our waitor who helped with his school play (That night he played the Pharoah/portrayed as Elvis--you know, 'the King'.)

They left on Sunday morning, Mother's Day. It was great having them visit. It was like a little vacation. And it was nice to enjoy the fun things in this area that we don't usually take time for.

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