Friday, October 5, 2007

Spending and Splurging

I got this fun list idea from Mendy.

Ways I try to save money:

1. Shop for groceries and clothes that are on sale or out of season, and love to get a good find at a yard sale.

2. Cut my family's hair. The name of my 'shop' in the basement is ITTLEGROBAKK (pronounced "it'll grow back".)

3. Hire our children (or myself) to paint walls rather than hire a professional.

4. Make my own curtains, pillows, chair covers, etc.

5. Buy staple foods in bulk.

6. Buy plane tickets early and then check prices in the interim. I just saved future credit because Southwest's flights are now lower than when I bought the tickets.

7. Grow my own tomatoes.

8 . I learned from our Easter bunny to reuse the baskets, plastic eggs and even 'grass'.

8. Pay attention to prices when I purchase things. Last week I got my grapes free PLUS the full purchase price for noting that they were not marked as advertised.

10. An obvious one: I always pay my bills in full and on time to avoid interest fees.

Ways I splurge:

1. My fitness club membership (but I try to go 5x/week to get my money's worth)

2. Pay Tithing, (1/10 of our earnings) as well as other offerings to the Church. This is not exactly a splurge, but the first place I spend my money. It's something I have always done since I received allowance as a child. It's a great way to feel that I'm helping others.

3. Little colorful decorations and accessories like candles, a serving dish, or decorator fabric.

4. Buy frozen pizza or rotisserie chicken at the grocery store for lazy Friday nights (which is most of them.)

5. Annual get-aways with my husband David, and weekly dates when it fits in our children's calendars. :)

I can just think of 5 here, but I'm pretty sure I save twice as much as I splurge! :)


Jann said...

This was very fun to read. It is great to learn how others find ways to save. Thanks.

Jenni said...

I'm super impressed that you go to the gym 5 times a week - wow! That's so great! Our Easter Bunny told us to do the same thing too!:)

Cami said...

Wow! I'm pretty sure I'm the opposite. But actually, you are helping me remember ways I save. Thanks!

Oh, and my Easter Bunny just told me to skip the grass altogether. Good stuff.

Tracy said...

You cut your kids hair? I don't even trim the girls' hair. I cut Alec's ear once when he was 2 -- I cried like a baby and still feel guilt. I haven't done it since. I didn't think frozen pizza was a splurge. I thought that's a food staple, like bread and milk. You're teaching me so much!