Monday, October 8, 2007

Happy B-day, Julia!

People had to wait in line tonight and call back to talk to Julia. Erika, Kara and Grandma Joyce all called to wish her a happy birthday and Grandma Varna sent a card.

Here she is after an exhausting day of seminary and school today --waiting for the requested lasagna dinner to be ready.

[Opening a favorite present]

Julia is a joy to have in our family, and old enough now to give me fashion advice and just talk and laugh with. She always has a smile, but at the same time knows how to say what she means.

My favorite classic Julia story is when she was 7. (I sort of have permission to retell this.) All eight of us were on a plane to California for our vacation. We were seated next to a very friendly young man who talked with all of us for alot of the trip about his tatoo shop. He had the most interestesting hair. It was long, blonde and hopelessly knarled like he had been surfing and swimming pretty much all the time. He had tattooes, an earring, and a very colorful appearance overall. As the plane landed, we all stood up to leave. He shook hands with each of us. When he extended his hand to Julia, she looked at him and said sweetly, "No thanks. I just washed my hands."

Here she is before and after blowing out her 15 candles.

Happy Birthday, Julia. I love you.


Christie said...

Aw so sweet, that story is so funny. ;-) In some ways i look forward to when my girls are old enough to have a conversation. Happy Birthday Julia.

Jann said...

Happy birthday Julia. What a great story of her when she was seven. Kids are great.

Cami said...

Ha! Nice story. Hey, I want that present too. Happy Birthday!

Jenni said...

Hee hee - that was a funny story!! Happy birthday to Julia!!

Tracy said...

I love Julia! She is such a great girl and makes our class so fun! Happy Birthday!