Monday, July 28, 2014

30th Anniversary--Rome!

Here are a few shots of Dave and I celebrating our 30th anniversary in Rome.  We also had Julia and Andrea with us, but that will be in another post.
Here we are at the Colliseum and Forum--part of ancient Rome--about 1900 year old buildings.
It was a hot day and we bought hats from vendors near there.
These fountains at Villa D'Este in Tivoli-- an hour train ride from Rome were part of the estate of a Cardinal a few hundred years ago.

Here's the Pantheon, outside and in.  The structure is original-- 1st century AD.  Very awesome.

Here's a bridge not far from where we stayed--near Castel St. Angelo.
A view from the mountain town of Orvieto--an hour north of Rome by train.

Taking a stroll on a beautiful summer evening with the best husband ever!


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures! Thanks for posting. I love you!

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