Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday Week

I share a November birthday with Erika--who is born the day after me, and Andrea 2 days later. They usually take place the week of Thanksgiving.

I had a nice day with breakfast in bed --thanks to Dave and Andrea.

I'm excited to use my new camera for this blog.

Erika had her birthday with a couple friends who were still at school (BYU-Idaho)--though most people left for the week since classes were out for Thanksgiving.

Here's the scarf I crocheted for her.

Andrea turned 11.

She got breakfast in bed, too.

She likes her new coat.

Dave takes movie pictures of her opening her presents.

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Jenni said...

Happy happy birthday Cheri!! And also to Erika and Andrea!! Busy bday times in your house!:) How exciting to have a new camera - I'm sure your pics will be great!!