Wednesday, November 12, 2008

An Invitation for Lunch

Hello Cheri
Would you like lunch with me at Green Turtle? It will be on me. Call me and we will discuss times.


I saw this email this morning from my husband. We like to have lunch together at times, but we usually don't talk about where we'll eat until I meet him. I thought it was thoughtful of him to think it through--and to invite me by email was different too. I wondered about the 'I HEART Cheri'. His standard signature closing has oxoxoxx, but I thought it was very sweet.

I was going to email a reply when I saw that it said to call, so I called him at work. I teased him that since it said 'It will be on me' that I decided I'd like to go. He seemed happy to get together but seemed confused. He asked if I was sure that he had sent the email. Since the email came from his email address, I assumed he was kidding around. But after talking some more we realized that it was 'innocent' little Andrea who had borrowed his phone last night and asked how to get into his contacts--and had done this good deed. Thanks, Andrea. Dad and I are having lunch tomorrow.


Jenni said...

Andrea sure is a character! How funny and cute too!:)

Scarlett said...

Oh my goodness...what a sweet story. She's a sweetheart, we just love her so! I love that David played along and you two ended up going out after all. This is such a great story for The Friend, or the Ensign.

I'm going to share that w/my family. how adorable.

Cami said...

HA! How very fun and cute. I did wonder if it was a kiddo. It's all very Parent Trapish.

XiaoMao said...

David is a truely gentleman

Deb said...

very thoughtful of holly, i mean andrea. :)