Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wednesday at Philmont

Wednesday morning Dave and I went to Choir practice at 6:30 am and then sang with the choir for the morning flag ceremony and devotional. They also honored all those who had served in the miliary or had children serving currently. There were about 50! It was quite impressive. It was also the day the cubscouts raised the flags, which was fun to see.

In the afternoon was a women's meeting by Bro. Dahlquist and his wife. He is the General YM leader, and I was very impressed with the concern he had for each person, and for strenthening families and young men. He talked about how women can touch their families. His wife spoke on taking time to renew ourselves--to wonder, and ponder.

That night was a children's parade. Unfortunately I didn't have my camera for all the darling costumes that children made there out of simple materials.

Then we got on our Western garb

and Western night began we had a picnic out on the lawn with food like Buffalo burgers, chicken, corn on the cob and watermelon.

Every family was given a frisbe, and the young people played on the lawn.

There was live banjo and guitar music, and at a table you could have your personal items branded with the Philmont brand.

Dave and I had our hats branded, and his new belt.

Then the Western dance started. We learned a couple fun line dances.

After the dance we went with the Maughan's to the Trading Post and ended the evening talking and laughing with them over ice cream cones.

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