Monday, July 21, 2008

Road Trip West

For vacation this year, Dave was invited to attend Boy Scout Training at the famous-to- scouters Philmont in New Mexico. They allow families to come, and we decided that despite gas prices our best option was to drive out the 2000+ miles.

We headed out in the evening of July 3 about 7pm and drove through the night--well, Dave did, mostly. Dan and I drove a little. About noon we arrived in St. Louis where we stopped in to see his sister Patty and her daughter Emily.

Patty with David, Daniel, Julia and Andrea

We continued driving that day (with a 3-hour traffic delay in St. Louis) and stayed in Kansas City that night.

Then we drove through Kansas all the next day until we hit Colorado. We stayed our 4th of July in a small desert town of Trinidad, which had no fireworks, but we were all happy for a bed.

The next morning we went for a swim, loaded up on hats and sunglasses and droved the last couple hours to Cimarron, New Mexico for our exciting adventure.

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