Monday, April 28, 2008

Solomons Island

Friday Dave and I drove to Solomons Island, MD to celebrate our 24th anniversary. It's a narrow little town situated along Patuxent River on three sides which empties into the Chesapeake Bay.

There are lots of inlets and it seemed like there were sailboats docked everywhere.

The view on the east

We stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called Solomons Victorian Inn. Our room was here in the former carriage house.

the view from our window, (screen and all)

a 100-watt bulb with reflective glass at the top of the lighthouse can be seen 13 miles

the lighthouse from the museum

We attended a Celtic Festival on Saturday. There were authentic games. In this competition, the men threw 22-pound clubs behind them. One threw it 95 feet.

Various bagpipe groups performed for us. They played a folksong, 'Scottish Dance' that we know in our hymn book as 'Praise to the Man'.

Scottish clans had booth about their family origin. I learned that my ancestor Reynolds Cahoon's family was probably a member of the Calquhoun clan (pronounced the same).

< Dave considers owning a kilt. Each clan has their own pattern (tartan).

These men were in their Scottish 1600s attire.

Soon afterward, they were in a time warp and had a skirmish on the field with Colonial forces.

We felt like we were in a time warp, too--back 24 years ago when there was just the two of us.

Andrea's card for us


Jann said...

Happy 24th Anniversary. I loved the pictures. I looks like you had a lovely time. Andrea's card is so cute. What a sweet girl.

Cami said...

That looks GORGEOUS!! Congrats.

Jenni said...

That sounds like an awesome get-away! Congrats on 24 years!!:)

Anonymous said...

Hallmark is looking for the creator of that masterpiece and Cheri you have a captivating way with words.

Deb said...

fantastic getaway! do they do the celtic festival the same time every year? i want to go!

and i saw your books on calvin's scholastic book order this month. you hit the big time! :)

Tracy said...

How romantic. Do I have to wait 24 years before I can go on a trip alone with my husband? So glad you had a great time. I can't wait to see Dave in his skirt on Sunday.

Christie said...

Awww, happy aniversary. It looks like you had a fabulous time. That looks like neat festival