Saturday, March 22, 2008

Andrea's Room

Andrea has been wanting to change her room around. Since all the walls really needed to be painted, we started by clearing almost everything out of the room, leaving the heavy furniture in the middle. A friend gave us a bed frame which I painted white.

I shampooed the carpet and Monday Julia helped Andrea and I paint trim and doors white and put on a primer coat on all the walls as we listened to music from Hairspray and Jack Johnson. We came back to it on Thursday, painting all the walls Laura Ashley lavender in 2 shades (which you can't tell apart!).

Friday I touched up and we moved the furniture back in with new lavender gingham bedding. We had also painted her bookshelf (soft green) and a shelf and some picture frames white. This was the first time Andrea had this much say in her decorating, and I'm pretty sure it will always look this tidy :).


Cami said...

Oh, i love a good room makeover. Nothing like a new coat of paint and clean carpet! I'm sure she loves it.

Deb said...

this is great! what a fun opportunity for andrea and all of you to work together on a fun project!