Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Eve Dinner, Christmas Brunch

We have tried to combine Dave's German family traditions with my Danish ones, so Christmas Eve follows my family traditions, and Christmas--his.

One of the important ingredients of our Danish meal is Red Cabbage. Partly because it's red, and it's traditional. Would you believe that I was so prepared that I still had the jar of Red Cabbage in the frig from last year? I'll leave it to you imagination as to whether I served it again--Ok, I did because it's pickled and it was still fine! and because no one eats it anyway. :)

A more loved tradition is the rice almond pudding with loads of whipped cream and raspberry topping. The person who finds the whole almond traditionally got a marzipan (almond paste) pig--but we've Americanized it to be a large Almond Chocolate bar--(and we let all us others losers share a bar.) James was the winner this year.

Kara Americanized it further and used regular store-bought pudding, but since she had just moved into their apartment in Denver that week we allowed it. :)

Next morning for our Christmas Brunch we typically have bacon (the only time all year!), sausage, scrambled eggs, Danish and Italian Pannetone, orange juice and grapefruit with cherry halves. Similar story. The cherries were still in the frig from last year. Aren't I efficient?

Everyone wakes up and opens their stockings. Then after Brunch we open the presents. We were sorry not to have Kara and Luke this year (though we celebrated with them a few weeks earlier in Idaho.) We were happy to have James and Erika home though--and of course Daniel, Julia and Andrea, too!

(Here's my handsome husband David goofing around --seeing how we'd like him with marshmallow teeth. )

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