Saturday, November 17, 2007

Tied for Fourth Place

Daniel and Julia performed today at the Baltimore M & T Bank (Raven's) stadium at the US Scholastic Band Association National Championship. Participants came from 12 states. Reservoir is in the 4A Division which had 18 bands performing. They scored a 94.475, and TIED for FOURTH PLACE! It was their best performance ever--and the best for their school.

This morning Daniel went and auditioned for All-State Choir while Julia went to practice at the school. Dave is on the 'pit crew' managing their equipment, and was also at the school at 6:00am to help start loading up equipment. Andrea and I drove up on our own a little later.

Andrea and I saw lots of bands rehearsing all over the large parking lot outside the stadium. We were lucky enough to see the Reservoir band before they performed and wish Daniel and Julia 'good luck'.

Their performance was awesome! They had a theme of being stranded on an island. We first saw passengers on a plane, the crash, the passengers wandering around and then mourning those who died, clashing with the natives, and then rallying to get off the island with an SOS spelled out at the end. They were very precise and clean, had lots of energy and a very dynamic theme. Everything went off well. It was a great end to another fun (and challenging) marching band season.


Jann said...

Awesome. How great to have your kids involved in this.

Cami said...

Wow! That's quite the show! I didn't know they were so creative about it these days.