Friday, November 2, 2007

Positive Parenting

I love this book. In our Relief Society (church women's organization) I started a Parenting Group several months ago using this as a text to introduce this approach to others. David and I were introduced to it 6 or 7 years ago and have found the principles in it to be very sound and helpful.
I have added the link on the right, (Positive Parenting Prescriptions). Besides the book itself, the website gives lots of good information from Dr. Latham.
I wrote to Dr. Latham a couple years ago and received a kind letter from his wife saying that he had recently passed away. He was from Logan, Utah-- where I taught an elementary education class at Utah State--so I feel close to him though I did not know him personally.
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Annie O said...

Hi Cheri:

The parenting group is a great idea! I'll introduce it to our Enrichment leader. Let me know what other books you read and discuss. Also, I'd be happy to send some 6Decisions books for your group discussion.

Kellie said...

Dr. Latham is my favorite. I keep his books with my scriptures.