Thursday, August 23, 2007


Daniel and Julia finished Band Camp last week. Daniel is entering his junior year next week and plays the trombone. Julia is an incoming sophomore and plays the clarinet. Band Camp was 8 hours a day--(all of them very hot!) for two weeks. On the last night families attended a spaghetti dinner with their students.

Then we got to see them perform their routine (four songs) which they have learned already. The theme is about a plane crash and fighting with natives and they spell out SOS at the end. It's not your typical marching, but involves alot of running--some of it backwards and sideways. It looks like a real challenge at times not to get hit by someone else or their instrument.

They also had a march-off where students demostrated their ability to follow marching directions. Then family members came out and tried to march. Daniel had James come out, and Julia asked Erika. Kara and Luke were there too, so it was fun to have the whole family there, especially since last year we couldn't all attend the Band performance because it was held the night before Kara and Luke's wedding.

Julia--The first time they played the songs without marching.

Julia with Erika (wearing her hat)

Daniel with his friend Colin

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Jann said...

It is so great to see your kids so involved in music. I love that. What a fun camp to be involved in.