Tuesday, February 12, 2013

I Build a Good Fire

Dave usually builds the fires in our wood burning stove.  He hauls the wood from our pile out back.  Then he chops several pieces into nice thin strips.  He builds nice criss-cross layers, and all the wood is beautifully woven together. (It takes time to get it just right.)  He adds a chunk of firestarter to help it catch faster, and he always has nice clean, hot fires that we love to gather around.

When he's not home, I will build the fire. My kids seem to be surprised that I actually know how.  I brush away the old ashes, wad up a few newspapers, put a few pieces of kindling leaned together and light a match.  Nothing fancy. I figure it's all just going to burn up anyway.  But, my fires will also bring people together to enjoy some toasty warmth on a cold night.

And, if neither Dave or I are home, Andrea will make her own fire.  It's an app on our TV, and it looks
pretty convincing. :)

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