Thursday, April 16, 2009

Myrtle Beach Music Trip

Daniel and Julia went on a 4-day trip to Myrtle Beach for music competitions. Dave was one of the group chaperons. Here is the scoop from the school newsletter on how they did. (I am only including awards that involved Julia and Daniel.)

1st Place with a Superior Rating went to the following groups!Symphonic Band, Jazz Band,  Orchestra, Concert Choir, Madrigals, Women’s Choir, Men’s Choir,
 Specialty Awards:
The Symphonic Band , Jazz Band, Orchestra,  Concert Choir, Women's Choir and Madrigals all won Best Overall for the festival regardless of group size or division.

Grand Champion Awards were presented to the Men’s Choir and Madrigals for the Vocal Grand Champion.  Symphonic Band and Orchestra received the the Instrumental Grand Champion for the highest overall score combining two performances averaged together.

Congratulations to Daniel as Madrigal's student director and Trombone Section Leader in Jazz and Symphonic Band, and Julia as Clarinet section leader in the Symphonic Band.

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