Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

Andrea made her Dad breakfast in bed. Then at church the young women presented him (and the the other men) with this tie and a treat.
Andrea had him wear this matching hat for the family party where he opened fun gifts and cards from Dan, Julia and Andrea in his workroom that Andrea had decorated. He also got a letter from James the day before, and was able to talk to Erika (in China) and Kara (in Colorado.)
It was nice weather for eating dinner on the deck.
Our six children are lucky to have such a great dad.
And so am I.
Happy Father's Day to all.


Jenni said...

Hey I like the hat and tie combo!:) Glad your hubby had a nice Fathers Day!:)

Tracy said...

Your hubby is so cute in his paper hat and tie! What an adorable family you have.

Jann said...

I loved the picture. What a very fun way to spend father's day.

Anonymous said...

Hello! This is Kourtney Doty. I served in your ward as a missionary back in 2006. I found your blog thru others from your ward. Hope all is well! :)