Friday, January 11, 2008

Visitor from Denver in my Kitchen

On Friday, Jan 11, I went down to the kitchen to help Andrea get off to school. Julia and Daniel leave at 7:05, so hearing another voice I thought it was Erika and started asking her if she was getting off early to work. I did a double take--and really was confused for a minute --about how KARA could be in the kitchen. It turns out that her husband Luke had to go to Florida for a week, and on the spur of the moment the day before she decided to come home. She got her ticket, packed and boarded the plane and had Erika come get her at the airport at about 1:00am--so she'd been asleep in the basement and we hadn't even known.

We hang around with her and we all went out to eat at Tomato Palace on Saturday night. We had a live magician, Natan, entertain us at our table.

She found the top layer of her wedding cake (a year-and-a-half old now) that we decided to celebrate with. Sorry to eat it without you, Luke.

She attended church with us Sunday and we played games as a family. (We asked Andrea to bring up a game from the basement for us and somehow she managed to get all this up the stairs.)

Dave and I had lunch with her Monday at Altanta bread.

Monday afternoon she had to leave to start her new job on Tuesday at a preschool. I was happy to have her come--after just sending off James, but I was sad to see her leave.

(Nice scarf, Kara!)


Christie said...

How fun!! She must have known that her mom needed her around a bit. :-) What a fun fun surprise

Jenni said...

That is a fun surprise!!:)

Tracy said...

That is such a great surprise. That restaurant with a magician sounds fun. Glad you had some extra time with your married daughter!

Jann said...

I've always wanted to just show up at my mom's, but I've never made it work. Someone always blows my secret. How fun that she was just there.

Julia A said...

What a fun thing for you!!! And what an age we live in that we can just decide on the spur of the moment to travel thousands of miles just to see our family :)